Romantic Birthday Ideas

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to be romantic. While everyone else is giving your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse something silly, sentimental or related to their hobby, you can give them a romantic gift that lets them know that you care. Here are some romantic birthday ideas from which you can draw inspiration.

For Women

Jewelry: This romantic gift is appreciated by women from all walks of life. You can honor the time you’ve spent together with a necklace, a pair of earrings or even an engagement ring. Before you go out and purchase a piece of jewelry, pay attention to what she likes to wear. Does she wear gold or silver? Does she like gemstones, pearls or no stones at all? If you’re stumped for ideas, try asking her best friend or mom.

A romantic evening in:
Start out with a candlelit dinner and then draw a bath for her complete with scented bubble bath and rose petals in the water. Play some relaxing music and then treat her to a massage with essential oils. End the night with a decadent dessert and some special snuggle time.

A poetry reading: Write her a romantic poem and read it for her after presenting her with a dozen roses. If you’re not the poetry type, you can find plenty online to print out and read. Print out the poems on fancy parchment paper so she can use it as a keepsake of your romantic birthday present.

For Men

Cologne: What man doesn’t like to smell nice? Even if your man isn’t the cologne type there are clean, fresh scents that he’ll appreciate and you will too. Pay attention to the type of deodorant he likes to buy and you’ll have a clue about the type of fragrance he likes. Is it musky, fresh or sweet? Find a cologne with the same tones in scent and you’ll be able to pick something that he likes.

A customized CD: This is an updated version of the old mix tapes that young sweethearts used to share. Make a CD of his favorite songs and ones that remind you of him. You can include songs that were popular the year that you met and be sure to include “your song” if you have one. A is one of the best ways to his heart.

A romantic dinner cooked at home: If you’re too busy to cook most nights, he’ll appreciate a home cooked meal. Make his favorite dinner and serve it complete with a complementary wine and dessert. He’ll appreciate the effort that you put into making him a special meal.

romantic birthday ideas

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  1. Hey! All of your gift ideas are great. My favorite for women was the romantic evening in! :) Awwwie. and for men I would also have to go with the romantic dinner cooked at home :)

    I will keep these ideas in mind :) thank you for sharing, and you have an absolutely sweeeeet blog going on here..

  2. The poetry reading is a sure hit, done that, my wife can attest to that.

  3. These are some nice ideas :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  4. The ideas though not very unique but are presented in a very different manner for everyone to understand choose the best one that suits them. Thanks.

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