A Kiss

1. on the FOREHEAD says

I care for you.

2. on the HAND says

I respect you.

3. on the NOSE says

I missed you.

4. on the EYES says

I want to cherish our wonderful memories

5. on the EARLOBES says

I want to baby you.

6. on the NECK says

I like your natural scent.

7. on the FINGERTIPS says

I treasure you.

8. on the HAIR says

I pray for you all the time.

9. on the PALM says

I want to succeed.

10. on the BACK says

I'll follow you now and forever.

11. on the CHIN says

I wish to be rich.

12. on the KNEES says

Forgive me coz I'm crazy for you.

13. on the ARMS says

I adore you

14. on the LIPS says

I love you, you're mine forever.

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